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Some Background:

Market Research is rarely a perfect world.  In fact, about the only time Market Research describes a perfect world is when we get asked to estimate an aspirational size-of-prize for a project.  When I started in Market Research one of the most notable imperfections is that the field was still very much an “apprenticeship” model.  Very few Market Researchers I met actually had official schooling in Market Research as a discipline.  Some came from research fields like Sociology or Psychology.  Others came from business fields like Marketing.  But by and large, the way most of my generation had to learn the techniques, methodologies, and soft-skills necessary to succeed in Market Research was to learn them on the fly by doing them.  Because of that, coaching from others was an essential part of the career development process.  But sometimes those mentors and coaches weren’t available. Sometimes they were, but their explanation or approach wasn’t right for my style or didn’t fit my situation. Sometimes I wished that I could just Google the dumb questions I had and get real-world examples about how they could be solved.

Unfortunately, if you search for things like concept tests, focus groups, or shop-alongs, you get a bunch of dry academic stuff.  At Netizen Insights our articles are dedicated to helping aspiring market researchers by providing real-life examples, parables, and directions on how to manage many of the tasks young researchers face and the questions they have. With a combined 20+ years in the industry, Sean and I have a lot we want to give back.

We Believe Sharing Is a Competitive Advantage

So if we have all this knowledge, why would we as a company put it out on the internet? Well, there are 2 main reasons:

  1. We believe it will help us attract the right clients.
  2. We believe it will help us attract better talent.

The Right Clients: Have you ever contracted a company to do work for you only to find the substance great but the style terrible? We want to avoid that. Several months ago I was searching for a vendor for a research project and cast a wide net for who to contract with. I had several different companies RFP, but one stood-out uniquely. The CEO of the company was a published author and she offered to send me her book on her philosophy as a researcher. I bit and I read it. I agreed with it. They won the RFP.

Looking back, this appeared to be a high risk/high reward move by that company. What if I disagreed with her book? What if I hated it and thought everything she said was wrong-headed? Well, it’s probably better for both companies NOT to work together anyway. I walked away from that experience wishing I had a chance to see inside the mind of every potential vendor I worked with. Right from the start we would know if we are aligned or not in principle and vision. As a potential client, the articles we provide on our site give YOU a chance to see inside our minds and decide if Netizen Insights is the right partner for your business.  At least if you read our articles you can decide for yourself if we know our stuff before you contact us.

Attract Better Talent: They say the best time to plant a cherry tree is 30 years ago and the second best time is today. As Netizen Insights grows and expands, we will look for like-minded talent. Maybe, just maybe, those applicants will have been our readers. Maybe, even before they join our organization they will approach the issues and challenges in the Market Research industry the same way we do because they already learned it from us. If nothing else, it’ll make for a good interview question.

But maybe that won’t happen. Maybe our potential clients will ignore our articles and never visit the Blog page on this site. Maybe having this work published on the net will help thousands of new hires at Market Research firms across the world and never ours.

Maybe that’s OK.

At least the imperfect world of market research will finally have an authentic voice and resource available on the web so that the next generation of researchers can learn faster and have impact sooner than we did when we first started out.

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