Market Research Suppliers Delight Their Clients When They . . .

Market Research Suppliers Delight Their Clients When They . . .

Market research suppliers are at their best and most valuable, when they are research and business partners with their insight managers.  There are several ways for market research suppliers to add value.  Three ways that help them be true partners are covered in this blog article.

 Market Research Suppliers Delight Their Clients When They Proactively Anticipate Their Client’s Research Needs:

One of the biggest ways to add value on research projects is anticipating the needs of the client. I really value a research supplier that listens to the project scope completely, takes really good notes, and circles back a few days later with a plan of delivering a great research deliverable.  On the contrary, it is really disappointing when a research supplier prefers for someone to tell them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  I am always looking for very smart research partners versus a research company that simply executes.  I try to always emphasize and encourage research partners to bring ideas forward, be creative and if we can grow the business together then more partnership opportunities will be available in the future.

Market Research Suppliers Delight Their Clients When They Ensure Quality Control and Data Integrity at all Times:

 The respondents need to be high quality, the research methodology needs to be very sound, and the mathematics in the data tables and final report need to be accurate.  These things may sound like they should be a given on research projects.  Unfortunately, I have actually seen research suppliers fail in all of these quality control and data integrity areas.  As the insights professional, you will need to be very diligent in all of these areas on every project until a research partner has consistently proven themselves to be “buttoned up.” After they have consistently delivered high quality, you can start to shift your time and attention into areas of deeper strategic importance.  Research partners with high quality standards tend to win a higher percentage of my available research dollars year after year.

 Market Research Suppliers Delight Their Clients When They Know our Brands:

 It is an absolute delight when research partners spend the time to truly know and understand our brands.  Think about this scenario for a few minutes and ask yourself this question.  “How can a research partner really write the best questionnaire or discussion guide without knowing your brands?”  The better they dissect the pros and cons of your brands, how shoppers feel about the brands, the strengths and weaknesses of the brands.  If they are able to do this, they will be a business partner they will be for you.  I even like to quiz research suppliers about our brands on occasion. I do this to see if they are spending the due diligence to integrate the mental brand maps into their collaboration.


In conclusion, if you want to delight your clients as a market research supplier, you must deliver on three things.  First is anticipating research needs.  Second is ensuring data integrity and quality control.  Third is deeply understanding your clients’ brands.  All three are critical ways that market research suppliers can delight their insights clients and become invaluable partners.  There are many “sloppy” research companies out there and if you want strong partners on your business, look for the companies that are strong in these three areas and reward them with additional projects in the future.  After all, this is easier on you in the long run and they have earned the business with their strong partnership.

Have other advice for market research suppliers on how they can delight you?  Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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