An Open Call for Guest Posts From Market Researchers

An Open Call for Guest Posts From Market Researchers

Are you a Market Researcher who has an insight they want to share with the world?  Do you have a methodology that you are an expert in and want the opportunity to showcase that expertise?  Do you or your company have a great capability that you would like to share with others in the Market Research community and need a forum to explain it? is willing to give you that platform.  Read the objectives below, and, if you feel you have a topic that is a fit, contact us!

Why We are Looking For Guest Posts:

When we founded Netizen Insights, LLC, one of our goals was to grow the capability of aspiring Market Researchers.  Although we bring a combined 30 years of Market Research experience, it’s impossible for any one (or two) researcher(s) to be familiar with every possible supplier and methodology.  Additionally, there are so many unique, niche, and boutique Market Research companies that do so much good work, but who just need a little more exposure to make it big.  We want to provide that.  We want to help give you that exposure.  And want to make more than just OUR blog.  Our goal is to make our site the go-to place for aspiring Market Researchers to turn when they are stuck, or have a business question traditional methods can’t solve.  With your help, we believe we can make this site even more beneficial to the Market Research community.

What Guest Post Topics are We Looking For?

We are primarily looking for the following kinds of posts:

Methodology Explanations/How To’s:

An example from our site is this article on packcepts v. concepts, which walks the reader through a brief description of these methods and helps them identify which method is better for their business question.  However, these articles don’t have to be about specific methodologies.  Any how-to’s on issues facing Market Researchers — even something as simple as what the little letters next to concept scores mean — make perfect articles in this category.

Company/Capability Showcases:

If you own or work for a Market Research firm that wants greater exposure for your services, we’d love to feature you on our site.  We don’t see you as competitors, we see you as potential collaborators.  There already are multiple articles on our site showcasing the great capabilities of companies we have a good working relationship with.  We have happily showcased the merits of both qualitative research companies and quantitative research companies. We would love to do the same for you — especially if you have a case-study you would like to share with the world.  Our only request is that the article is original.  We do not want duplicated content or a boilerplate description.  If you want us to showcase, promote, and back-link your company, all we ask in return is that your guest post is original, professional-quality content.

Capability Reviews:

We are also open to vetting your capability and writing our own original, third-party review.  In order to do that, we ask that we be given free-access to and training on your capability and the opportunity to use it in a real-life way.  At the end of our subscription period we will write an independent review as Netizen Insights, LLC.

Business and Career Advice:

Traditional Consumer Research and the growing field of Shopper Insights aren’t easy.  There are a number of things to consider career-wise beyond being a researcher.  Whether it’s managing work-life-balance, hard business conversations, or changing companies, there is a lot more to our field than “just” research.  If you are an Executive Recruiter or a Manager of Others who wants to share career advice to Market Researchers, we’d love to share your knowledge here at Netizen.

Opinion Articles on Critical Issues in Market Research:

We expect these to be unique, brilliant, and rare.  If you are a subject matter expert on a topic in Market Research, or have an insight on the CPG world that is worth sharing, we may have an opportunity for your guest post.

Why Should You, a Talented Market Researcher, Write a Guest Post for Us?

That’s a great question — especially given our terms of use and policies.  However, we believe that there are several advantages to submitting a guest post for our site:

Professional Exposure and Credentialing:

You know that you are an expert in your field.  What easier way is there to put an extra stamp on that by getting your written work published on a Market Research blog?  If it’s so easy, how come your boss, your cube mate, or client don’t have one?  Think about it.  It’s an easy way to set yourself apart — plus we’ll promote your guest post in social media as well.

SEO and Backlinks:

Yep.  We get it.  There’s a big advantage to getting legitimate, do-follow back-links from a US-based, English-language site.  In exchange for your legitimate, well-written English-language guest post, we are happy to credit your site or LinkedIn profile at the end of the article in the “About the Author” section.  You also get the additional benefit of us promoting your guest post in social media.

Traffic and Exposure:

If you are a small Market Research company, what do you have to lose writing about your capabilities and sharing them on our site?  It’s free  exposure.  Who knows, the next time a potential client gets your cold-call Email and Googles you, won’t it look better having a “Capability Showcase” or a “Netizen Insights, LLC Review of . . .” show up in the results?

What Makes a Good Guest Post (i.e. What Will We Accept?)

Your Background:

In order to maintain the integrity of our site, we will ask for a resume, CV, and/or link to your LinkedIn Profile.  We want to make sure that you are a Market Researcher and qualified to write about what you say.  When you contact us, please provide that information.  It will help us credit you in the “About the Author” section anyway.

Guest Post Quality Guidelines:

We are looking for well-written, reader-friendly guest posts about Market Research.  The minimum word-count we will accept is 500 words.  Our maximum limit is 3,000 words.  Imagine that your audience is a newly-hired Market Researcher right out of university.   It should be that simple.  If you are truly an expert on a subject, you should be able to explain it simply.  The topics we are looking for are described thoroughly above.

In order to maintain the integrity of our site, we reserve the right to edit your submission before posting.  Depending on the depth of those edits, we may return the edited version to you for alignment before posting.  We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason.  As we state in our Terms & Policies, all content published on becomes our property.  We also reserve the right to remove your guest post at any time and for any reason.

You article will be credited as “Netizen Insights Guest” in the byline, but an italicized paragraph “About the Author” will be included at the bottom of the article.  This can include one external link to your profile or business.  It is not our intent to gratuitously include do-follow back-links in your article to your own site or content.  However, we understand that there are some circumstances where that is beneficial and will address those on a case-by-case basis.

Again, please do not submit duplicate content from your own site.  We will not accept it.

How to Submit:

Please use the contact us page provided on the site.  Alternatively, you can submit your resume/CV/Linkedin information along with either a brief description of the post you’d like to write or a draft to:  <>

We look forward to hearing from you!


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